Cyberattacks on IoT and OT deployments in the Middle East point to the need to harden security measures

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In the last two weeks, our honeypot locations across the Middle East region have recorded a huge spike in cyberattacks on IoT and OT installations. In the UAE alone, the number of cyberattacks recorded has risen by over 145 percent in the last 7 days. This number is expected to rise in the coming days as we could be witnessing the start of a wave of cyberattacks designed to take advantage of the recent geopolitical situation in the region.

Segments such as smart cities, oil, and gas, shipping, and healthcare are on the radar of hackers. Using sophisticated malware and breach tactics including social engineering, privilege mining, and supply chain poisoning, hackers are now able to access and exploit core systems. In addition to shop floor operations, monitoring, and data gathering functions, even employee safety mechanisms are getting impacted due to the actions of these hackers.

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Cyberattacks on IoT and OT deployments in the Middle East point to the need to harden security measures - Sectrio

Persistent reconnaissance using stealthy malware is causing data leakage and this is becoming a new concern for businesses that are now getting back on their feet after the pandemic.

How can Sectrio help with IoT and OT cyberthreats?

Sectrio has the wherewithal to prevent such targeted attacks. Through IoT and OT security solutions, threat intelligence offering, and SoC services, we can protect your assets, data, and infrastructure. Armed with features such as asset discovery, prevention of lateral movement of malware, three-phase threat detection to detect and contain threats early, Subex Secure can keep hackers and malware at bay to keep your business safe.

To learn more, do drop by booth number: SS1-29 at GISEC 2021 where you can consult our IoT and OT cybersecurity experts for free and learn about how your business can improve its cybersecurity posture.

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Naveen Hemanna
Naveen has been in the technology industry for over 13 years primarily working for product companies and helping customers to find solutions. With his experience of working with Telecom and Manufacturing companies, he has gained sufficient knowledge of how connectivity is shaping the industry and how well prepared they need to be from a Security standpoint. In his current role, he is responsible for revenue growth of Sectrio (A division of Subex) – The Digital Security arm of Sectrio in the EMEA region.

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