OT & IoT Penetration Testing

A penetration test, or simply a pen test is a structured security testing activity designed to identify, test and highlight vulnerabilities and gaps in the security posture and approach of enterprises.

The test helps identify weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers or malware to breach devices, networks and systems to attack ICS, OT and IoT infrastructure.
Enterprises conduct OT/ICS and IoT penetration testing at pre-determined schedules and frequency to ensure their infrastructure is free of any security issues. It is also recommended to conduct penetration testing when there are any major changes to networks or infrastructure, when new devices and/or systems are added or if any security measure has been violated.


How can Sectrio help?

Sectrio’s OT/ICS and IoT specific penetration testing services rely on proven tools, team expertise and hardened frameworks for every project. This ensures faster discovery of latent gaps, easy accesses to remedial measures and RoI on every penetration testing program. Sectrio deploys industry specific tools and tactics to pen test infrastructures that result in better outcomes and a more relevant outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, when conducted by experienced professionals following best practices, Penetration testing on OT Systems can be done safely. It is crucial to engage skilled and knowledgeable experts, like those at Sectrio, to minimize risks and ensure the security and reliability of critical operational technology.
Sectrio's OT penetration testing services offer comprehensive assessments to identify and address vulnerabilities in Operational Technology environments. Benefits include improved security posture, proactive threat mitigation, compliance assurance, and enhanced resilience against evolving cyber threats. Learn more.
Sectrio minimizes downtime during OT Penetration testing by carefully planning and coordinating assessments. The goal is to conduct thorough testing without disrupting critical operations, ensuring the security of OT systems while minimizing any potential impact on day-to-day activities. Learn more.

Case study

An oil and gas entity approached Sectrio to conduct two levels of penetration testing. One for identifying gaps and threat surfaces and second for testing their infrastructure against penetration by sophisticated actors with complex breach tools.

The entity was satisfied by the results as Sectrio provided a clear view of the gaps and provided actionable insights into gaps by Purdue level, location, device type, system, network access rules and more.

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