OT/ICS and IoT Cybersecurity Services

Let’s work together and secure your OT/ICS and loT infrastructure. 

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Network Security

How Can Sectrio Help?

Programs that deliver an improved OT/ICS and IoT Security posture



Achieve visibility into your current Security posture, connect assets and identify potential gaps of your network.

Threat Detection and Response

Threat Detection and Response

Accurately detect threats and respond to them. Leverage OT/ICS and IoT Specific skills to secure your ecosystem.



Conform to global industry standards and comply with regulations at the most granular level with ease.

Sectrio’s product portfolio can make it better

Frequently Asked Questions

Sectrio’s OT penetration testing services offer comprehensive assessments to identify and address vulnerabilities in Operational Technology environments. Benefits include improved security posture, proactive threat mitigation, compliance assurance, and enhanced resilience against evolving cyber threats. Learn more.

OT Cyber Threat Intelligence services provide real-time insights into potential threats targeting Operational Technology, helping organizations understand and mitigate risks to critical infrastructure by offering actionable intelligence. Learn more.

Organizations can extract value from OT Cyber Threat Intelligence services by proactively identifying and responding to threats, enhancing situational awareness, and strengthening defenses against cyber-attacks on industrial systems, thus safeguarding critical operations. Learn more.

Build resilience and keep threats at bay

Protect your IoT, OT and converged assets with Sectrio.
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