OT/ICS and IoT cybersecurity products

Let’s work together and secure your OT/ICS and loT infrastructure. ( Threat Researcher at Sectrio)

Best-in-class products to deliver a secure and resilient enterprise

Proven OT/ICS and IoT security products geared to meet your every security and compliance needs


World’s first AI Co-Pilot for OT/ICS and IoT Security

Solutions for Industries

Deployment on

On premises
Physical Appliance

Features that enable optimal security posture

Continous threat detection, network monitoring, vulnerability management and secure remote access Secure sites, systems, networks, architectures and access points anywhere

Unmatched visibility into operations; actionable insights and active threat supression

Control threat surfaces, minimise risk exposure and secure your infrastructure

Programs that deliver an improved OT/ICS and IoT Security posture

Secure enterprise

Secure enterprise

Achieve unmatched security, visibility, and control over your OT/ICS systems and networks with the best-in-class solutions

Cyber Resilience

Cyber Resilience

Ensure disruption-free operations, business continuity, and secure stakeholder confidence

Boost Compliance

Boost Compliance*

Confirm to and adopt the best standards and practices such as ISA/IEC 62443, NIST SP 800-82, and regulatory controls for ICS


Leverage GenAI get to the most out of your OT/ICS and IoT Security program

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Sectrio offers flexibility, allowing you to choose specific modules from its product suite based on your needs. This modular approach enables organizations to select and implement the solutions that best address their particular cybersecurity requirements.

The specifications of the Sectrio Edgetech Appliance can be tailored to your specific requirements. Sectrio collaborates with clients to understand their needs and recommends Edgetech Appliance specifications that align with the scale, complexity, and security demands of their industrial environment.

The Sectrio product suite complements Sectrio's services by providing a comprehensive cybersecurity framework. While Sectrio services offer expert guidance, assessments, and tailored solutions, the product suite reinforces ongoing cybersecurity measures, enhancing protection, detection, and response capabilities. Together, they provide a holistic approach to cybersecurity. Learn more.

Consult with sectrio on what best suits your requirements

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