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Zero Trust is a series of measures to secure an enterprise by removing implicit trust. Simply put, it means that every action, device, operation, and configuration change has to earn trust before it can access network resources or modify the network itself in some way. At its core, Zero Trust involves a framework wherein every action is validated in terms of origin, need and end result to ensure that no unauthorized action is allowed to occur.

Deploying Zero Trust requires a complete revamp of many aspects of network usage. In an ICS environment, where many tasks and workflows are allowed based on pre-approved rules, implementing Zero Trust can present many challenges. Which is why many companies have Migration to a Zero Trust framework can however bring many benefits including better flexibility in deploying more complex security measures and improved ability to meet existing and new compliance mandates.


How can Sectrio help?

Sectrio’s Zero Trust Services offering can equip ICS, OT, and IoT operators with the necessary wherewithal to deploy a complete Zero Trust framework based on trust provisioning across their infrastructure. Unlike vendors that promise Zero Trust in parts, Sectrio’s offering ensures the deployment of Zero Trust principles across assets and sites fully customized to an enterprise’s security needs.

Sectrio’s Zero Trust services include infrastructure review, Zero Trust gap and maturity assessment, blueprint preparation, specific analyst inputs for the Zero Trust roadmap and Sectrio’s Zero Trust Security consultants will also work with your security teams to deploy the Zero Trust blueprint.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Zero Trust is a cybersecurity framework based on the principle of never trusting, always verifying. In OT and IoT security, it involves continuously verifying the identity and security posture of devices, users, and systems to prevent unauthorized access and mitigate potential threats. Learn more.  
Implementing Zero Trust in OT and IoT environments involves phased deployment, segmentation, and continuous monitoring. By carefully planning and testing changes, organizations can enhance security without disrupting critical operations, ensuring a gradual and controlled implementation. Learn more.  
Challenges may include legacy system integration, complexity, and potential resistance to change. Addressing these challenges involves thorough risk assessment, phased implementation, employee training, and leveraging cybersecurity experts like Sectrio to tailor Zero Trust measures to the specific needs of OT and IoT environments. Learn more.

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