About Sectrio

Putting security everywhere, to help you thrive in the face of uncertainty

About Sectrio

Sectrio offers proven OT and IoT security solutions, managed services, cyber threat intelligence, and consulting under one roof. Built for resilience, Sectrio’s offerings have been developed ground up keeping the challenging security needs of enterprises on the radar. We are the preferred go-to vendor for various industries including manufacturing, oil and gas, healthcare, maritime, smart cities, defense, and utilities.

Sectrio started its journey as Subex Secure in the year 2017. In 2021, we strategically rebranded as Sectrio to reflect a new beginning as we added value and momentum to the cybersecurity journey of our customers. No matter how you look at it, Sectrio is today a force to reckon with across markets. With a powerful portfolio of solutions, and a feature-packed security platform backed by the biggest repository of managed services, our unparalleled ability to deliver secure infrastructure at scale underscores our commitment to excellence. From OT and ICS-focused risk and gap assessment, compliance with IEC 62443, NIS2, and NIST, to setting up a converged OT-IT security operations center, Sectrio’s offerings cover all security needs.

Sectrio runs the largest OT and IoT-focused cyber threat intelligence facility in the world spread across over 80 cities worldwide. We also have SOC and R&D facilities operational in multiple cities around the world. Our unparalleled ability to deliver secure infrastructure at scale underscores our commitment to excellence.

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