Securing the
Healthcare Sector

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With the onset of the pandemic in 2020, the adoption of connected medical devices grew rapidly in the healthcare sector. The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) has enabled healthcare practitioners to diagnose and monitor patients from their homes. Such a rapid increase in connected devices has increased the threat surface available for hackers to exploit.

Healthcare continues to be a sector that is according less attention to cybersecurity than required. The rise in targeted ransomware attacks that have caused national-level disruption to the sector in some countries has not led to a proportionate response to contain the threat and minimize cyber risks.
Five of the biggest threats


Patient data theft (or loss) and unauthorized sale

Hijack of connected devices for using them as bots

Disruption of essential healthcare services
Digital infections leading to irreparable damage to capital-intensive equipment

Shut down of essential services, even for a few hours, could lead to loss of lives. Further, healthcare entities that are insured against cyberattacks will see their premiums rise after each cyberattack that is not prevented or contained.

How can Sectrio help?

Sectrio can help prevent such attacks and protect healthcare institutions, their data and assets. Sectrio for Healthcare blocks medical device malware, detects unauthorized digital intrusions, network modification attempts and malware loader activity early. It helps prevent:

Phishing and spear phishing

Malware movement

Denial of service

SQL injection

Zero-day attacks

Advanced Persistent Threats


Unauthorized data breach and exfiltration

Unauthorized communication with C&C servers by malware

Sectrio prevents cyberattacks and malicious activity to help your healthcare institution stay safe and digitally protected.

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