Securing the
Oil and Gas Sector


Rise in sophisticated attacks


Terra bytes of leaked data


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Extreme vulnerabilities exposed in recent cyberattacks

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Attacks on downstream and mid-stream companies rises by 173 percent in just 7 months

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O&G sector is among the top-2 most attacked sectors globally

Consequences of such attacks include expensive damage to infrastructure and facilities, prolonged supply disruptions and safety challenges for plant and pipeline management employees. Further, such attacks on established corporate infrastructure could very well compromise important intellectual property including exploration data surveys, while posing data security risks.

Industrial IoT devices and connected systems have degraded the cybersecurity of SCADA systems that are managing exploration and drilling sites, storage units and infrastructure used to manage operations. Connected sensors and controller devices have also eliminated air gaps from SCADA systems thereby exposing them to cyberattacks.

Every link in the oil and gas exploration and supply chain is vulnerable. Use of SCADA systems and IoT expands the threat surface across oil wells, refining plants, pipelines, storage units and retail outlets.

How can Sectrio help?

From vulnerability management to asset discovery. From early threat detection to threat mitigation, Sectrio covers all bases with its point products and IoT and IoT-OT-IT Converged Security Suite. Built to offer critical infrastructure grade security, Sectrio’s products help in

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Vulnerability management

Identify and address vulnerabilities including ensuring that the devices are patched and updated at all times

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Micro segmentation

Localize application of security and compliance policies; protect assets from unauthorized access

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Detect and contain anomalous activities

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Lack of urgency and priority in assigning adequate attention to cybersecurity requirements

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Asset discovery

Discover what is connected on your network and what is it doing while it is connected. Prevent rogue devices or unauthorized digital twins from accessing your network or resources

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Devices that are primarily operating in unmonitored environments are being brought to corporate environments and connected to corporate WiFi networks

If the above reasons are not addressed soon, the number and severity of cyberattacks will continue to rise and delay the economic recovery in many countries.

Transforming Oil and Gas sector’s IoT and OT security

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Build cyber resilience and deter hackers

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