Establishing an IoT and OT Honeypot for a leading Middle Eastern telecom company

Telecom Middle East-CS

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A leading telecom company in the Middle East had a requirement for a high-interaction honeypot network with hyper-realistic environment capabilities. The honeynet was designed to attract and capture cyberattacks for the purpose of studying the threats and attacks on various systems, including IoT, IT, and OT. The captured attacks would be sequestered in a secure environment that posed no threat to the company’s core networks, allowing for real-time analysis without posing any risk to their systems.

Sectrio helped deliver the company a honeypot lab which is currently the largest honeypot network in the region. The deployment of the high-interaction honeypots is currently enabling the organization to study, build signatures, and prevent sophisticated cyberattacks that are captured on the network.

Download this case study to read more about this unique project and how the telecom company is now cyber-resilient by leveraging Sectrio’s honeypot network.

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