Securing the entire production footprint for an FMCG major


The challenge and the requirements

The company, a Fast Moving Consumer Products giant (FMCG) is based in Mumbai, India with manufacturing plants spread across the country. It is part of a 125-year-old conglomerate with a proud legacy built on the strong values of trust, integrity, and respect for others. The company logged 1.5 Bn USD in revenue in 2021 and has a market cap of USD 10.3 Bn. It operates several manufacturing facilities in India spread over seven locations that are grouped into four operating clusters located across India.

As a manufacturing giant focused on the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) segment, The company has built for itself an enviable reputation of being a leader across consumer product segments. It understood the importance of cybersecurity as a business continuity enabler early and was looking to work with a cybersecurity solutions vendor to meet its vast requirements across plants situated across various parts of India.

At an organizational level, the company wanted to improve its security posture to prevent episodes of a breach and to secure all assets, networks, and infrastructure.

The cybersecurity solution that the FMCG was looking for had to meet these requirements:

  • The FMCG major is now managing visibility, protection, threat hunting, and incident response for their multi-geo plant operations control system environments from a single Sectrio platform.
  • Enable end-to-end management of threats on a single platform
  • Ensure significantly higher levels of operational transparency across its diverse asset landscape which included a mix of legacy and current devices
  • Secure all vulnerabilities and security weaknesses
  • Enable compliance with standards such as IEC62443, NIST 800-53, and NERC CIP among others
  • The solution had to come with a set of allied consulting services such as threat assessment, post-installation posture assessment, and SecOps efficiency tracking

After multiple rounds of diligence covering solution features, security services offered, compliance, and standards adherence capabilities, the company invited Sectrio to propose a solution deployment roadmap. The company was impressed with the solution capabilities, custom rollout plans, and the security posture enhancement roadmap proposed by Sectrio. As part of the project the company chose the following solutions following a recommendation

from Sectrio:

  • Sectrio Vulnerability Management
  • Sectrio Threat Management
  • Sectrio Microsegmentation
  • Sectrio Threat Intelligence feeds

After deploying Sectrio’s solution, the FMCG major is now able to

  • Protect its entire tech landscape including legacy systems with better control
  • Maintain full visibility and monitoring of their networks and infrastructure including PLC rings, engineering workstations, and HMIs
  • Detect and prevent unauthorized external connections and intrusion attempts
  • Discover and manage misconfigured/unauthorized devices
  • Identify, investigate and respond to security risks and threats proactively
  • Detect and address vulnerabilities and security gaps
  • Log 0 instances of successful breaches or cyberattacks
  • Log 45 percent improvement in the availability of different infrastructure components. 0 downtime due to cyberattacks
  • Adhere to various standards such as NIST CSF, IEC 62443
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