Sectrio’s IoT OT, and IT Security solution wins NASSCOM Gamechanger 2022 award

By Prayukth K V
June 28, 2022
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Sectrio’s unique AI-powered IoT and OT security solution based on the Adaptive Threat Defense approach has been recognized as a game-changing technology by NASSCOM. The solution won the top honor at an event organized by NASSCOM last week (June 23).

Sectrio bags top honor at the NASSCOM AI Gamechangers awards
Sectrio’s IoT OT, and IT Security solution wins NASSCOM Gamechanger 2022 award

In addition, the solution use cases presented by Sectrio have ranked number one by NASSCOM in the use of AI in the cybersecurity category well ahead of over 300 competitors. This honor is another validation of the uniqueness of the solution as well as its ability to evolve in-situ to stay aligned with emerging threats and changes in the threat environment including the addition of new adversaries, malware, malware deployers, mutational threats, and rogue insider activity.

The solution has been developed to tackle the most sophisticated threats that threaten IT, OT, and IoT assets and infrastructure. Its features have been enriched with inputs from our diverse customer base around the globe and its evolutionary and self-learning feature enables it to reach unprecedented levels of scale when it comes to tackling complex and sophisticated malware and adversaries.  

With the rise in threats and complexity of infrastructure, CISOs are having to deal with multiple challenges such as network visibility, working with the right threat intelligence, detecting threats early, and evolving security measures to keep their security posture current and relevant. In this context, the Sectrio solution is the only OT and IoT cybersecurity solution that can help CISOs and enterprises keep their businesses safe by keeping threats at bay.

Unique features of Sectrio’s Adaptive Threat Defense solution include:

  • Based on adaptive technology that scales to meet new threats and risks
  • Secures all surfaces across devices and networks irrespective of protocols or device architectures
  • Detects and engages threats early using a unique detection framework and mechanism
  • Utilizes the most comprehensive and contextual threat intelligence feeds generated from the largest IoT and OT-focused honeypot network in the world
  • Multiple remedial actions are available
  • Zero detection lag, minimizes false positives, and reduces SOC fatigue
  • Aligned with the most critical security standards spanning NIST frameworks, IEC 62443, and multiple ISO requirements
  • The solution is capable of scaling in a ‘J’ shaped curve in terms of devices and network elements covered
  • Offers protection against evolutionary malware, modular malware, and latent malware through footprint grade baselining
  • Deployed across industries such as manufacturing, maritime, critical infrastructure, banking, utilities, maritime and more
  • The only that offers proven evolutionary protection i.e protection that is scalable, robust, and vector proof

To learn how this award-winning IoT-OT-IT cybersecurity solution can secure your enterprise, book a no-obligation demo now.

You can also opt for an IoT and OT threat assessment program from Sectrio to understand your threat envelope, vulnerability status, and exposure to various risks as a first step. 

Learn more about our threat assessment methodology here: OT and IoT Threat Assessment

Read more about this award at the Government of India’s AI portal.

Read more and download the NASSCOM AI Gamechanger Compendium!

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