Sectrio is today securing some of the most complex IoT and OT deployments across geographies. Our security analysts can work with your security team to evaluate your infrastructure to assess risk exposure, threat envelope, and potential sources for cyberattacks and identify surfaces that could be targeted by hackers through specific and diversified breach tactics.

Our assessment methodology formulated by risk management and assessment practice experts includes best practices and rapid threat detection and impact assessment methods. We will also match your infrastructure against a risk and tactic repository to identify the top threats that you should be prepared to deal with.

Sectrio’s Asset Discovery with Vulnerability and Threat Assessment pack includes:

  • Review of your attack surfaces: We will identify which of your public-facing or internal applications and networks are likely to be targeted by bots

  • Asset discovery: discover the status of all devices and connected assets. This can also help identify rogue devices or devices operating without official sanction

  • Vulnerability assessment: to check against CVEs and internal configuration errors to identify existing vulnerabilities

  • Description of attacker tactics and orientation: You will understand attackers’ objectives when they launch automated attacks against your applications

  • Vulnerable information compromised: we will investigate your tech environment to expose signs of an existing breach or reconnaissance activity going on

  • Recommended next steps: We will provide professional guidance for gaining more visibility and improving security posture. Additional inputs include templates for conducting various internal security assessment programs such as NIST CSF, roles and responsibilities framing and more

  • Digital transformation/project specific inputs: covers special purpose projects or those that are taken up as part of a digital transformation drive

  • Threat mapping and matching: threats will be mapped to specific infrastructure components

  • Compliance readiness assessment (optional)
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