Securing the
Maritime Sector

323 %

rise in targeted attacks on maritime assets


instances of detection of maritime specific malware


attacks on the shipping sector at the fastest rate


On sea and at port attacks on maritime assets are now growing. In the past, while hackers used to avoid targeting ships and assets at sea, a new breed of malicious actors is now targeting the sector with impunity.

Navigation systems, OT systems linked to on-shore facilities, container traffic management systems, mobile oil rigs, asset tracking systems, and surveillance systems are all risk. As the number of cyber incidents rises, so does the need to defend these assets at scale and in line with the level of threat they are exposed to. With compliance mandates such as TMSA3 and increasing insurance premiums, maritime agencies now have to go for improved cybersecurity tools and practices as a business imperative.

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Rising targeted attacks on maritime operators and agencies

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Lack of expertise to identify, asses, manage and respond to threats.

Integration - sectrio

Integration of standalone OT systems IT systems creating vulnerabilities.

How can Sectrio help?

Sectrio has extensive experience and expertise in cyber securing the maritime sector. We are today working on on-shore, offshore and at-sea projects to secure maritime assets including ships, ports, communication infrastructure and more. Sectrio’s offerings in the martime sector cover the entire lifecycle of threats and cyber risks associated with the sector. Our offerings cover
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Threat detection and remediation

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Quality threat intelligence that is rich and geared to detect existing and emerging malware

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Vulnerability management: to prevent malicious actors or malware from exploiting vulnerabilities
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Visibility into network activity and access control: to prevent unauthorized network access and malicious activity

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Network segmentation to apply localized policies and cybersecurity measures and to contain attacks

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Compliance mandates such as TMSA3

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Threat reporting

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OT cyber protection to protect a vessel’s control systems against cyberattacks and other threats.
Sectrio Secure suite includes IoT and OT protection products and an integrated platform to protect converged environments (IT-OT-IoT). Ship owners, operators, port authorities, asset managers and other maritime supply chain intermediaries can use a single platform to secure the entire breadth of digital maritime surfaces and assets.

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