Securing IoT and OT assets and digital transformation for a large oil and gas company


Why you should read this?

When one of the largest oil and gas corporations in the world decided to improve its institutional cybersecurity profile, it turned to Sectrio and Spire. Jointly, Sectrio and Spire offered solutions and consulting expertise to meet the requirement. Together, they addressed these challenges.

  • Securing the digital and operational footprint of the company
  • Operating with visibility into network activity
  • Hardening infrastructure to prevent cyberattacks from causing disruption
  • Detecting cyberattacks and malicious activity
  • Discovering and blocking rogue devices and preventing unauthorized access to network resources
  • Aligning their cyber protection measures to the threat envelope surrounding their operations

Download this case study to read more about this unique deployment and how the large oil and gas company is now able to operate with confidence and certainty.

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