Securing the
Utilities Sector


rise in targeted attacks on utility firms


malware being used globally to target Utilities industry


Utilities challenges 1 - sectrio
Critical infrastructure - sectrio

Cyberattacks damaging critical infrastructure.

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Lack of visibility into networks and system access.

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Compliance with diverse mandates.

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Growing sophistication of cyber threats.

Vulnerabilities - sectrio

Existing vulnerabilities in systems and expansion of threat surface

Utility firms are being attacked by a range of threat actors. These include state-backed groups who are after ransom or a large scale disruption in power generation or supply.

 Background cyberattack rates (which refer to the average number of cyberattacks per day including weekends when examined over a long period of time such as an year) is the highest in the utility sector. Which means that the chances of a malware slipping through remains high throughout the year.
In the last few years, the interplay between physical and digital infrastructure in this sector has increased. This has led to an expansion in the attack surface area available for malicious actors to exploit rendering utility firms vulnerable to exploitation at every stage from power generation all the way to metering. OT systems could potentially be hijacked to shut down generation, cause surges or damage to sub-stations and other upstream and downstream infrastructure.

Outcomes associated with cyberattacks on utility infrastructure

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Damage to physical equipment and data resets for metering equipment at plants.
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Billing fraud due to smart meter tampering.
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Manipulation of power grid controls leading to large scale outages.

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Substation disruption

Group 20929 - sectrio
Customer data theft, conversion of IoT equipment into bots.

How can Sectrio help?

Sectrio has extensive experience in securing the utilities sector. From securing OT and ICS equipment at generation stations to securing smart metering infrastructure, we can protect the entire power generation and consumption lifecycle.

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Detect and mitigate vulnerabilities early

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Segment networks and digital assets

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Protect critical assets and infrastructure

Group 20929 - sectrio

Detect and contain threats

Group 20929 - sectrio

Discover assets and network activity

With Sectrio, your utility firm gets a complete cybersecurity suite powered by the world’s most expansive and adaptive threat intelligence gathering facility in the world. We offer security that is truly critical infrastructure grade.

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