Mastering OT Security Operations: Empowering Your SOC with Best-in-Class Strategies.

Join us for an exclusive webinar: ‘Mastering OT Security Operations: Empowering Your SOC with Best-in-Class Strategies.’

What are the operational, efficiency, and strategic gains businesses can draw from a SOC? How can an institutionalized security management approach augment traditional approaches to security with a lesser infusion of resources? How can one start a SOC journey and what are the pitfalls that one needs to watch out for when launching an IT-OT SoC? 

Join our exclusive by-invite-only webinar and walk away with answers to such questions and more:

  1. Are you tracking the right OT/ICS SecOps KPIs?
  2. Essential real-world strategies for your OT SOC
  3. OT-IT SOC convergence – Myth or reality?
  4. Case study: Effective OT SOC operations
  5. Networking and QnA

Gain valuable insights and practical tips to elevate your OT security posture through.

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Sandeep Naganur

Director of Presales - EMEA


Arnab Chakraborty

OT & IOT - GRC Global Practice Head

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