Simplified Strategies: Integrating Zero Trust into OT Landscapes with Ease

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Diverse protocols, siloed assets with minimal visibility and control, and limited resources often make traditional security approaches for securing industrial control systems a challenge. But what if we told you there is an easy way to simplify Zero Trust integration without compromising on outcomes?

Watch this insightful webinar on-demand where our experts will discuss easy-to-deploy strategies to integrate Zero Trust into your existing OT landscape.

The webinar will also cover:

  • The cost of ignoring zero-trust strategies
  • Why embracing zero-trust in OT environments can be a tricky proposition
  • How to work with legacy systems and inherent resource challenges to harden infrastructure
  • Tunning and segmenting networks, remote systems and managing trust
  • Scaling visibility and operational controls to detect threats early
  • Improving security posture in an incremental manner
  • Zero trust priorities in 2024

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Sharath Achrya

Head of Solutions


Bill Johnson

President & CEO


Aaron C. Crow

Founder & Host

PrOTect IT All Podcast

Prayukth KV

CMO & Published Author


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