How to conduct OT attack path analysis in your organization

Why Watch this webinar?

An attack path offers a visual and impactful representation of a potential path that attackers might tread to reach their asset or network targets. It also includes the various steps that bad actors may take to compromise assets.

APA helps prioritize vulnerabilities mitigation and actions to be taken to address misconfigurations to improve the impact of your security measures.

When done well, APA reduces the active threat surface and helps optimally defend your most important assets. In order to improve the effectiveness of an APA, there are a few steps that security teams need to adopt and we will be discussing those very steps in our next webinar which will cover:

  • Minimizing the scope for a successful breach across stages such as infiltration, exploitation, lateral movement and exfiltration
  • How to approach an APA – the first few steps and considerations
  • Validating the attack path – the how’s and whys
  • How to identify new and unknown attack vector chains
  • Decoding asset dynamics to determine how threat actors could compromise them
  • Deploying and sustaining an APA program at various levels in an enterprise
  • Measuring Attack Path Analysis success.
  • What are the KPIs and how to work with them?
  • Leveraging APA benefits

Join our cybersecurity experts Sharath Acharya and Prayukth K V for this on Demand webinar where they will outline how your organization can succeed with an APA

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Prayukth K V

Speaker & Published Author


Sharath Acharya

Technical Presales Director and Evangelist


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