The Global OT & IoT Threat Landscape Assessment and Analysis Report 2023

Sectrio launches OT and IoT threat environment landscape analysis report 2023.

Sectrio, the premier IoT and OT security company has launched the findings of its latest edition of its much-awaited OT and IoT threat environment landscape analysis report 2023. The report covers over 80,000 data points from global cyber and threat hotspots, dark web forums, messaging platforms and online hacker congregation and collaboration forums. The detailed report does a deep dive into:

  • How the evolving OT cyber threat environment impacts sectors such as manufacturing, defense, maritime, utilities and energy and pharmaceutical manufacturing 
  • Where are cyber threat emerging from and how are they impacting the threat environment?
  • Regional cyber threat environment analysis across Europe, APAC, Middle East, Americas and Africa
  • How are hackers using Artificial Intelligence to develop new malware, conduct scans and automate cyberattacks
  • The Chinese cyber conveyor belt and its implications for you
  • Security gaps that hackers and APT groups are exploiting
  • How are CISOs responding to cyber threats
  • What are APT actors targeting and how are they collaborating to achieve common goals
  • How are hackers monetizing the stolen data

To learn more, download your free copy of the most downloaded and discussed threat report here.

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