2022 IoT and OT threat landscape assessment report 


The 2022 Threat landscape report prepared by Sectrio’s Threat Research Team has analyzed cybersecurity from five perspectives viz., the evolution of threat vectors, mode of attacks, cyberattacks logged, targets attacked, and cybersecurity gaps exploited.

The report includes data from over 75 cities across the globe-spanning over a billion attacks and 10,000 (collective and cumulative) hours of analysis of cyberattacks, malware, hacking tactics, network breaches, data leaks, and other important aspects related to enterprise and critical infrastructure cybersecurity across IT, OT and IoT deployments.   

Sectrio’s threat landscape report is a must-read for everyone involved in managing cybersecurity across sectors. IoT, OT and IT cybersecurity industry participants who wish to gain a comprehensive view on how the cyber threat landscape changed in 2021 and its implications for businesses and their digital assets should necessarily read this report.

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