The IEC 62443 Checklist

IEC 62443 product briefs
IEC 62443 is a set of security standards for the secure development of Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS). It provides a thorough and systematic set of cybersecurity recommendations. It’s used to defend industrial networks against cybersecurity threats. Read this checklist to understand the compliance standards that need to be in place to run successful and a secured business.

What’s in the checklist?

Here are four key points that are included in Sectrio’s IEC 62443 checklist:

  1. Network segmentation: Verify proper isolation of critical systems from non-critical ones.
  2. Access control: Ensure restricted access based on defined roles and responsibilities.
  3. Patch management: Confirm regular updates and patching to mitigate vulnerabilities.
  4. Incident response: Assess procedures for timely and effective response to cybersecurity incident

Download the checklist now and discover more! 

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