IEC 62443

Revenue losses associated with rising cyber-attacks on Operational Technology (OT) deployments and assets are rising at an alarming rate globally. Communication networks still bear legacy hardware that can be compromised easily through targeted attacks. To eliminate such risks and threats there is a need to implement robust security mechanisms. The IEC 62443, previously known as ISA 99, is now considered the global standard for the security of Industrial Control System (ICS) networks.
Core objective

This standard covers the following critical aspects to meet the core objectives:

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Gathering accurate asset information: understanding what needs to be protected.

Group 20929 - sectrio

Assessing the current state of network security: drawing information to understand the present state of security in the network.

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Preparing the required counter measures.
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Deploying the chosen countermeasures.
Industrial and other operators need to address these four requirements to ensure compliance with this standard.

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Sectrio can help draw a roadmap to comply with IEC 62443. We can also help in all four areas and our vulnerability management, micro segmentation, threat management, and threat intelligence modules can help you deploy strong countermeasures. Our cybersecurity platforms Sectrio Hub and Secure Edgetech can address specific IEC 62443 needs around monitoring and detecting threats and eliminating them.

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