Benefits of a Cybersecurity Program for Water Utilities

Audio Transcript

so the epa clearly calls out why we need to have a IoT and OT cybersecurity program for water utilities essentially to ensure the integrity of process control systems they place this as the number one priority primarily because uh this is so so i mean process control systems ot systems they are the they are the most targeted systems in the water utility as far as the cyber security attack is concerned right uh protecting a sensitive utility and customer information uh liabilities if customer employee personal information is stolen so you know uh having a cyber security program helps a utility to avail for uh what you call cyber insurance also for any funding that helps uh you know reduce that legal liability if that if it ever occurs and most importantly to maintain customer confidence right uh i mean we’ve seen flint we’ve seen a whole bunch of states where you know folks i mean utilities where uh you know customer confidence drives how people basically use that utility and even whether they stay in that community so uh we need to uh i mean having a strong cyber security program and publishing the results of that improves the confidence of your uh you know of your constituents

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