Micro Segmentation

Embrace a true Zero Trust approach with micro-segmentation


Group 21023 - sectrio

Unauthorized access by rogue devices.

Group 21024 - sectrio

Data leaks and theft

Group 21058 - sectrio

Unsecure operating systems

Group 21021 2 - sectrio

Preventing devices from connecting to external networks.

Deployment option - sectrio

Lack of granular policy deployment option in firewalls.

How can Sectrio help?

Deployments involving connected devices are inherently complicated. With different groups of devices with varying security clearances and profiles connecting to a network, chances are that a rogue device may slip in. Or worse still, a device may be hijacked by a hacker and start communicating with an external network.

In the above instances, data theft may occur and a company’s data and network controls may land in the wrong hands.

If a firewall is an answer, then the question is inaccurate.
Because firewalls are based on broad policies and cannot control something as granular as an exchange of files between endpoints on the same subnet. This is why you need a holistic micro segmentation solution that can address these niche requirements.

With Sectrio Micro segmentation, you can deploy connectivity and access management at the most granular level possible. The solution can help you deploy pre- and post-connect operations to authenticate access and further transactions.

A network can be accessed by devices run by users who are aware of the password. This means that multiple devices can log in with the same password at different points in time using the same password. Sectrio Micro segmentation eliminates this scenario.

It is an essential requirement for meeting your cybersecurity policy and access management needs.

Do more with the industry’s most reliable Micro Segmentation product

Access management - sectrio

Apply cybersecurity access management policies at a granular level.

Real time asset discovery - sectrio

Real-time asset discovery: identify rogue assets and isolate them.

Zero trust approach - sectrio

Deploy a Zero trust approach with multiple levels of asset authentication.

Robot microsegmentation - sectrio

Prevent devices from being hijacked or converted into bots.

Secure byod - sectrio

Secure BYOD initiatives.

Build resilience and go granular with your cybersecurity measures

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