Have you been breached? Watch out for these Indicators of Compromise.

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It is the season of breaches and hackers are operating with impunity. Continuing from their success in breaching many organizations through social engineering, digital extortion, and data theft, these hackers have now become more brazen. With businesses still dealing with the aftermath of the ongoing pandemic and with diffused workforces operating from unmonitored environments,  hackers have never had it so good. This trend is expected to play out for the rest of 2021.

These attacks are also facilitated by enterprises that miss out on initial Indicators of Compromise. If the attacks are scuttled during the reconnaissance phase itself, the impact of such attacks can be minimized and this will deter hackers to some extent. However, if the attacks slip through, then not just will a major cyberattack be imminent, but your data could already be in the hands of data brokers who would have taken steps to monetize it or even sell it back to you for a ransom payout.

This is therefore the time to work towards securing your assets and infrastructure and watch out for indicators of breach and compromise. You need to act immediately if you record any of these signs:

  • Changes in the number of devices, device signature changes, and other anomalies
  • The appearance of spurious domain names similar to yours online.
  • Change in email behaviors and download patterns.
  • Unprecedented activity connections from atypical ports
  • Unknown protocol communications
  • Unauthorized download of remote access tools
  • Mismatch in requests for downloading specific files.
  • Anomalies in the outbound traffic pattern
  • Low-intensity attack that is detected. This usually means the hackers are testing your cybersecurity response mechanisms to fashion a custom attack.
  • The appearance of unauthorized tools such as those related to network and port scanning.

Subex Secure is a proven and hardened IoT and OT cybersecurity solution that can secure networks, devices, and converged environments. Features such as early threat detection, device discovery vertical-specific threat intelligence, and a high level of anomaly sensitivity render it a vital piece of your cyber armor.

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Prayukth K V has been actively involved in productizing and promoting cross eco-system collaboration in the emerging tech and cybersecurity domains for over a decade. A marketer by profession and a published author, he has also proposed and promoted critical infrastructure protection strategies that rely on in-depth threat research and deflection strategies to deceive hackers and malware. Having been at the frontlines of cyber securing infrastructure, Prayukth has seen cyberattacks and defense tactics at close quarters.

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