Security Operations KPI Playbook

Published: May 2022

Without the right set of security KPIs, your enterprise security plan may present more challenges than you can handle. An overwhelming number of false positives, SecOps fatigue, compliance challenges, and reporting problems are just a start. With more threats emerging in the wild and new compliance mandates being enforced by regulators, it is essential that your get your SecOps KPIs right.

Sectrio is here to help.

The Sectrio IoT and OT Security Operations Playbook has been designed by Sectrio’s team of global cybersecurity experts in consultation with leading IoT and OT-based infrastructure operators. We have also taken inputs from regulators in 5 countries across APAC, North America, and the Middle East as part of a diversified consultative exercise.  

We have also added a set of KPIs as examples for you to aid in setting up your SecOps KPIs.

What’s Inside the Security Operations KPI Playbook?

This e-book offers information on setting up and measuring the right KPIs for your organization.  

After reading this KPI Guide you will be able to:

  • Derive KPIs to measure the impact of your SecOps team  
  • Measure and publish (internally) details on the maturity of your enterprise IoT, OT, and IT security program quantitatively
  • Understand the criteria for selecting the right KPIs
  • Go scientific in managing your security posture
  • Develop your own KPIs using examples from the real world
  • Figure out ways to track KPIs efficiently
  • Run your SecOps efficiently
  • Get buy-ins from senior management and other stakeholders for your chosen KPIs easily

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