Cyber securing consumer genetic testing

Last year, an Ohio-based DNA testing company disclosed a data breach affecting 2.1 million people. In another incident involving an Israeli company, the data of as many as 92 million users was leaked a few years back.  Since then, two other genetic testing companies have disclosed cyber events that could have potentially exposed information on customers. Episodes of such breaches are now becoming common. Even CISA has acknowledged the growing threats to the systems and data associated with genetic material testing and asked all stakeholders to ramp up their security measures.

What’s inside this flyer?

Hackers put such stolen data to a variety of uses. Along with a ransom demand, the data stolen could be sold on the Dark Web and many closed forums to buyers. Insurance companies and even potential employers have been approached with proposals for selling stolen data.

  • What are the type of attacks that are being logged by the sector?
  • What can genetic testing companies do to secure their assets and data from such attacks?
  • How can Sectrio help in securing the entire digital footprint of genetic testing companies?

This flyer with curated threat and risk data will offer answers to these questions while offering enough data points and strategic and tactical information that can be put to use by all genetic testing companies irrespective of their role, risk profile, geography, or asset landscape.

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