NERC CIP Standards List

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards are a set of mandatory cybersecurity standards for the electric utility industry in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The standards aim to ensure the secure operation of the bulk electric system (BES) by establishing requirements for the protection of critical cyber assets.

What are the NERC CIP standards?

The CIP standards are organized into 10 categories, or "CIP Reliability Standards," each covering a specific area of cybersecurity risk management:

1. CIP-001-6:  Cyber Security - Electronic Security Perimeter(s) 2. CIP-002-6: Cyber Security - Personnel and Training 3. CIP-003-6: Cyber Security -  Electronic Access Control and Authentication 4. CIP-004-6: Cyber Security - Physical Access Control 5. CIP-005-6: Cyber Security - System Security Management

6. CIP-006-6: Cyber Security - Network Security Management 7. CIP-007-6: Cyber Security - Cyber Security Incident Response and Recovery 8. CIP-008-6: Cyber Security - Configuration Change Management and Vulnerability Assessments 9. CIP-009-6: Cyber Security - Information Protection 10. CIP-010-3: Cyber Security - Supply Chain Risk Management

Each CIP Reliability Standard consists of multiple requirements, called "CIP Requirements," that must be implemented by electric utilities to ensure the secure operation of their systems.

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