Weekly threat monitor: November 07th, 2022

Highly motivated cyberattacks following the long-lost hiatus of sophisticated targeted attempts earlier this year, the trend appears to be back in action with a vengeance of disrupting operations amongst the utilities across geographies.

This cyberattack trend continues to peak as threat levels and targeted phishing attempts in alignment with the ongoing International Cricket’s T-20 world cup tournament are also on the high as intercepted by Sectrio’s threat detection capabilities.

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The threat posed by APT actors continues to persist globally. This coupled with geopolitical motivators is capable of inducing crippling attacks on governing bodies and key industries at a global level with intentions of defamation and espionage of critical information and operational processes. Sectrio is currently tracking several APT groups at a global level. Request a free threat intelligence briefing from Sectrio’s global threat researchers and cybersecurity leaders.

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Cyberattacks stemming from Iran targeting middle eastern companies are on high alert. Targeted systems include ICS, SCADA, and other OT systems followed by IoT and IT. Operations and disruptions in business continuity appear to be key objectives. Ransom extortion, data leaks, and insider trading appear to be secondary objectives of the active campaigns.

Long-term reconnaissance scans on the country hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup have been identified. Such activity indicates a common playbook frequently run by malicious threat actors willing to stay dormant for long periods of time after infiltrating into the network and hoping to strike at an apt moment seeking maximum attention.

The Americas and European region are taking reliable measures in elevating global standards and compliance mandates. Such measures often take time and the involvement of multiple stakeholders from the highest levels of the office across nations. We here at Sectrio recommend high caution and the use of reliable sources of actionable and contextual Cyberthreat Intelligence to curb the risk of cyber threats in the future.

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Weekly advisory

Segments under this list must be on high alert in the coming weeks:
  • Utilities/Critical Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial services and banking
  • OT-IT integrated equipment in the Oil and Gas sector

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