NRF Protect 2023:

 Uniting the Retail Industry Against Cybersecurity Threats

The National Retail Federation (NRF) organizes NRF Protect to address cybersecurity and retail industry concerns

The event brings together experts in loss prevention, asset protection, digital fraud, and cyber risk

NRF Protect focuses on protecting inventory, data, and customers from threats such as shoplifting and website hacks

Prominent speakers from fashion and retail backgrounds, including Walmart's CEO John Furner, share their insights

The conference offers a unique opportunity for networking and learning from professionals facing similar challenges

Attendees can gain valuable knowledge, ideas, and partnerships to enhance their retail risk and asset protection strategies

NRF Protect serves as a platform to unite professionals and shape the future of retail security

Sectrio's global threat report

Explore Sectrio's global threat report to learn about cyber attacks worldwide - NRF Protect helps fashion retailers tackle cybersecurity