Top 7 OT Security Metrics CISOs Should Monitor

Asset Inventory

Maintain an inventory of all operational technology (OT) assets, including industrial control systems (ICS), to identify potential vulnerabilities and prioritize security efforts

Vulnerability Management

Implement a comprehensive vulnerability management program to identify and address vulnerabilities in OT systems and reduce the risk of exploitation

Anomaly Detection

Implement anomaly detection mechanisms to identify abnormal activity or behavior in OT systems, which can indicate a security incident or compromise

Network Segmentation

Segment OT networks to limit the impact of a security incident and prevent attackers from moving laterally across the network

Incident Response Time

Monitor incident response time to ensure that security incidents are detected, investigated, and remediated quickly to minimize the impact of the incident

Compliance Monitoring

Monitor compliance with security standards and regulations, such as NIST SP 800-82 or IEC 62443, to ensure that OT systems meet industry best practices and are secure

Cybersecurity Training

Provide cybersecurity training to OT personnel to raise awareness of potential threats, ensure secure practices, and foster a culture of security within the organization

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