Top 5 Targeted Industries for  OT Cyberattacks

Operational Technology (OT) cyber attackers target industries that rely on control systems and connected devices to operate critical infrastructure. The most targeted industries include->

Power plants, oil and gas facilities, and water treatment plants are prime targets due to their critical importance and the potential for disruption to essential services

Energy and Utilities


Automated manufacturing facilities, such as factories and assembly plants, are vulnerable to cyber attacks that can disrupt production processes



Ports, airports, and rail systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks that can disrupt logistics and transportation operations



Building management systems, such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, are vulnerable to cyber attacks that can compromise the safety and comfort of building occupants

Buildings & Infrastructure


Military control systems, such as missile defense systems, are prime targets for cyber attackers looking to disrupt or gain control over critical infrastructure

Defense and Military


These industries are often targeted because of the critical role that OT systems play in maintaining safety, reliability, and productivity. A successful cyber attack on an OT system can result in significant consequences, including physical damage, loss of life, and economic disruption.

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