Top 5 Biggest  OT Cyberattacks in Recent Years

1. Stuxnet (2010) 2. Ukraine Power Grid Attack (2015) 3. Triton(2017) 4. NotPetya(2017) 5. Colonial Pipeline Attack (2021


Stuxnet (2010):

A sophisticated malware designed to target Iran's nuclear program, Stuxnet caused physical damage to industrial control systems


Ukraine Power Grid Attack (2015):

Russian hackers caused a blackout that left 230,000 people without power, using malware that targeted industrial control systems


Triton (2017):

A malware designed to disable safety controls in industrial control systems, which could have led to a catastrophic accident


NotPetya (2017):

One of the most destructive cyberattacks in history, NotPetya caused billions of dollars in damages and disrupted operations at major companies


Colonial Pipeline Attack (2021):

A ransomware attack that forced the Colonial Pipeline to shut down its operations for several days, causing fuel shortages.

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