Top 10 New OT Security Threats to Watch Out For

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Threat actors are targeting the supply chains of OT systems to compromise them before they are even deployed.

Supply chain attacks

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Ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent in the OT space, causing operational disruption and financial loss.


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The increasing number of IoT and IIoT devices in OT environments are creating new vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers

IoT and IIoT vulnerabilities

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As more OT systems are moved to the cloud, attackers are targeting cloud environments to gain access to critical systems and data

Cloud-based attacks

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Social engineering attacks are being used to trick OT personnel into providing sensitive information or accessing critical systems

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Social engineering

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Zero-day vulnerabilities are being discovered in OT systems, leaving them vulnerable to cyber attacks before patches can be developed and deployed

Zero-day exploits

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Legacy OT systems that are no longer supported or updated are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Legacy systems

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Physical attacks, such as the theft or destruction of OT equipment, can have a      significant impact on critical infrastructure.

Physical attacks

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Insider threats, such as disgruntled employees or third-party contractors with access to OT systems, can cause significant damage to critical infrastructure

Insider threats

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Nation-state actors are increasingly targeting OT systems, using sophisticated cyber attacks to disrupt critical infrastructure and gain a strategic advantage

Nation-state attacks

Quite often, APT attacks can be devastating and will require an additional capabilities such as network segmentation, Threat intelligence and managed services.

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