Risk Management for Industrial Control Systems (ICS): Checklist for CISOs

Risk Management for ICS: Checklist for CISOs" is a checklist when assessing and mitigating risks associated with ICS. The guide covers the following 9 key areas

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Understand the unique characteristics of ICS and the associated risks: This includes identifying the critical assets and their dependencies, and understanding the specific threats and vulnerabilities that ICS face

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Develop a risk assessment methodology: This includes identifying and prioritizing assets, identifying threats and vulnerabilities, and assessing the likelihood and impact of potential attacks.


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 Implement risk mitigation strategies: This includes implementing measures such as network segmentation, access controls, and incident response planning to      reduce the likelihood and impact of potential attacks.


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Regularly evaluate and update the risk management program: This includes regularly reviewing the risk assessment methodology, updating the risk register and incident response plan, and evaluating the effectiveness of risk      mitigation measures.


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Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards: This includes understanding and adhering to regulations and standards such as NIST      Cybersecurity Framework, IEC 62443, and the ISA/IEC 62443 series of  standards.


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Foster a culture of security awareness and training among employees and      contractors: This includes providing regular security training and awareness programs to employees and contractors, and ensuring that they are aware of the security risks and best practices for protecting industrial systems.


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Regularly conduct security assessments and penetration testing: This includes conducting regular security assessments and penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and evaluate the effectiveness of security controls.

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Develop incident response plan: This includes having a plan in place for responding to security incidents, including communication protocols, roles and responsibilities, and incident response teams.


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Address the security of third party devices and components: This includes      assessing the security of third party devices and components that are used      in the industrial systems, and ensuring that they are secure and configured correctly.


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