Are you aware of these 6 OT Security Threats ?

Here is an overview of new operational technology (OT) security threats that organizations should be aware of:

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

APTs are a growing concern for organizations as they are designed to evade traditional security measures. APTs are typically implemented using a multi-stage attack vector, where the attacker establishes a foothold on the network and then escalates privileges to move laterally through the network




Ransomware attacks have become increasingly prevalent in recent years. These attacks involve the use of malware that encrypts a victim's files and demands payment to decrypt them. Ransomware attacks on OT systems can cause significant disruptions to operations and may result in the loss of critical data.

IoT (Internet of Things) security

As more and more OT systems become connected to the internet, they are becoming increasingly vulnerable to attack. IoT devices may have weak security and can be easily compromised, allowing attackers to gain access to the OT network.


Supply Chain attacks


Supply chain attacks are a growing concern as they allow attackers to target a third-party vendor or supplier in order to gain access to the target organization's network.

Cloud Security

Cloud-based services are becoming increasingly popular for OT systems, however, organizations must ensure that their data is protected in the cloud and that their cloud-based systems are configured securely


Phishing & Social Engineering


Phishing and social engineering attacks remain a major threat to OT security. These attacks often involve the use of spear-phishing emails or pretexting to trick employees into disclosing sensitive information or granting an attacker access to the network

Overall, it is important for organizations to stay informed about the latest security threats and to implement effective security measures to protect their OT systems.

This includes regular software updates, network monitoring, and employee training on security best practices. Additionally, incident response plans should be in place to minimize the impact of any successful attacks

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