#StopRansomware Guide

NSA and Partners Launch the Powerful #StopRansomware Guide

The National Security Agency (NSA) and partners have released the "#StopRansomware Guide" to aid network defenders in combating evolving ransomware tactics

Ransomware attacks have become more destructive, involving data exfiltration and threats of extortion, requiring increased efforts from defenders

The guide, originally released in 2020, has been updated with best practices and recommendations from CISA, MS-ISAC, NSA, and the FBI

It includes recommendations for preventing initial infection vectors, implementing cloud backups, and adopting Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)

The guide expands the ransomware response checklist and provides threat hunting tips for detection and analysis

The #StopRansomware effort aims to counter the growing threat of ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure

Organizations are advised to implement best practices and utilize free resources from CISA and MS-ISAC to protect against ransomware threats

Unveiling the Latest Ransomware Trends and Countermeasures

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