New NIST CSF and IMO Standards in Maritime Cybersecurity

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) is a guiding light for the maritime industry, offering a universal approach to cybersecurity risk management


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NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The updated CSF, released in August 2023, includes governance as a core principle, making it applicable across industries, including maritime


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CSF 2.0 Update

The CSF has gained worldwide recognition, with thousands of participants from various countries attending workshops, underlining its global applicability


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Global Recognition

CSF 2.0 introduces "Govern" to incorporate cybersecurity into an organization's wider objectives and risk management plan, not just as a technical issue


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Strategic Approach

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) recommends aligning the NIST CSF with industry-specific regulations, ensuring a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy tailored to maritime operations


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IMO Integration

By integrating NIST CSF and IMO standards, maritime and port operations can address both general and industry-specific vulnerabilities, given their reliance on digital technologies


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Comprehensive Framework

In an increasingly digital world, implementing recognized frameworks like NIST is crucial for safely navigating the complex cyber landscape, ensuring the safety of goods and resources


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Complex Cyber Landscape

Maritime executives and port authorities must prioritize cybersecurity in their risk management strategies to protect critical infrastructure and global trade


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Mandate for Cybersecurity

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