Industry 4.0 vs. Industry 5.0: A Complementary Evolution

Industry 5.0 prioritizes people, sustainability, and resilience, contrasting with Industry 4.0's focus on digitization for productivity gains

It aims to improve workers' conditions, attract new talent, and address environmental concerns using technology

Industry 5.0 emphasizes collaboration between humans and machines, utilizing AI, augmented reality, robotics, and IoT

Sustainability, energy efficiency, and rare resource usage are key considerations in this new industrial paradigm

Resilience becomes crucial as Industry 5.0 adapts to complex macroeconomic and geopolitical environments

It complements Industry 4.0, incorporating technological innovation into a framework centered on human values and sustainability

Cybersecurity in Industry 5.0 is essential due to the increased attack surface, with potential consequences including production halts, worker safety risks, and environmental concerns

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