IEC 62443 Audit Checklist

IEC 62443 audit checklist is used to assess an organization's compliance with the IEC 62443 series of international standards for industrial cybersecurity. The checklist typically includes a set of questions or criteria that the auditor will use to evaluate the organization's security practices and procedures.

Enterprises are at various levels of compliance with IEC62443 depending on the maturity of their security practices.

Here is a sample IEC 62443 audit checklist:

1. Is the organization aware of the IEC 62443 standards and familiar with the requirements for secure industrial automation and  control systems (IACS)? 2. Does the organization have a security plan in place that outlines the measures taken to protect its IACS assets? 3. Have the potential threats to the  organization's IACS been identified and assessed for likelihood and impact?

4. Are the organization's current security measures sufficient to mitigate the identified threats? 5. Have additional security measures been implemented as needed to ensure the IACS is adequately protected?

6. Have the security measures been tested to ensure their effectiveness? 7. Is the organization regularly  monitoring the IACS for security breaches or vulnerabilities? 8. Does the organization have incident response procedures in place to follow in the event of a security breach?

9. Is the organization's security plan regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it remains effective? 10. Are employees trained on cybersecurity best practices and the importance of following security protocols?

This is just a sample checklist and the specific questions and criteria will depend on the organization's specific needs and circumstances.

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