DPRK's Cyber Tactics Exposed:

Collaboration between U.S. and ROK Reveals Kimsuky Threats

Kimsuky, a DPRK cyber group, conducts large-scale social engineering campaigns targeting think tanks, academic institutions, and news outlets for intelligence gathering

The joint Cybersecurity Advisory provides detailed information on Kimsuky's operations, warning signs of spearphishing, and network security measures against their attacks

If you suspect being targeted by a DPRK spearphishing campaign by Kimsuky, report the incident to ic3.gov with reference to "#KimsukyCSA

DPRK cyber actors impersonate trusted sources to collect sensitive information from targets in think tanks, academia, and media sectors

The NSA partners with organizations to release the Cybersecurity Advisory, raising awareness about North Korea's social engineering and hacking methods

The advisory highlights sustained information gathering efforts by Kimsuky, THALLIUM, or VELVETCHOLLIMA, known DPRK cyber actors

Kimsuky's successful compromises enable them to craft more credible spearphishing emails, targeting sensitive, high-value entities

Deep Dive into Threat Actors

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