10 IoT risks to watch for when connected with OT systems

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IoT devices connected to OT systems can create new vulnerabilities, making it harder to secure the overall system.

Increased attack surface

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IoT devices often lack security features, such as authentication or encryption, making them easy targets for cyber criminals

Lack of security features

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With IoT devices, it's harder to manage the security of each device, as they may not be centrally controlled, updated or patched.

Unmanaged devices

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IoT devices can be connected to many different systems, which can make it difficult to identify vulnerabilities and manage risk

Interconnected systems

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IoT devices generate large amounts of data, and may transmit sensitive information that needs to be protected.

Data privacy concerns

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IoT devices provide new ways for attackers to target OT systems, such as by      exploiting unsecured devices or intercepting data.

New attack vectors

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Integrating IoT devices with OT systems can be challenging, requiring careful planning and coordination to ensure proper security controls are in place

Integration challenges

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The added complexity of IoT devices can impact the performance of OT systems, requiring careful balancing of security and performance needs

Impact on system performance

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The use of IoT devices in OT environments may trigger new regulatory requirements, adding complexity to compliance efforts.

Regulatory compliance

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OT security strategies need to be updated to address the unique challenges posed by IoT devices, with a focus on risk management, security controls, and incident response planning.

Need for an updated security strategy

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