Cybersecurity for Water and wastewater treatment facilities


rise in targeted attacks on utility firms


malware being used globally to target Utilities industry


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Securing water and wastewater treatment infrastructure.

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Detecting and addressing vulnerabilities.

Detect ot and iot threats using signatures heuristics and machine learning - sectrio

Preventing SCADA and control system breaches and ransomware

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Curbing reconnaissance and probe attacks

Classify threats using the mitre ics framework and remediate using configurable playbooks - sectrio

Reducing false positives in detection of cyberattacks.

In H1 2021, cyberattacks on water and wastewater treatment facilities registered a 15g percent rise. In addition to disruption in operations, such attacks caused hardware failure and severe damage to critical devices including valves and control systems.

Sectrio’s offerings can help keep such attacks at bay thereby ensuring operational continuity. With visibility to device and network behavior, plant operators can now focus on core operations with ease.    

Outcomes of a cyberattack on a water or wastewater plant

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Disruption of operations

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Quality of water treated may be impacted adversely

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Damage to infrastructure

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Threat to the safety of plant employees

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Plant components such as pumps and valves may be forced to operate outside their safe limits

How can Sectrio help?

Sectrio’s critical infrastructure-grade solutions can help prevent such outcomes. Our offerings are powered by rich threat intelligence, multi-level threat detection features, comprehensive vulnerability management capability, and lifecycle threat management capability.

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Protect plant equipment

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Secure all parts of your infrastructure

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Detect and contain threats early

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Prevent movement of malware and unauthorized access to systems

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Operate with visibility and certainty

With Sectrio, your plant gets a complete cybersecurity suite powered by the world’s most expansive and adaptive threat intelligence gathering facility.  

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