Securing the
Telecom Sector


rise in attacks on telcos in H1 2021


based malware attacks could cause large scale disruption


manipulation, device hijacking, and eavesdropping are other potential outcomes


Unsecure data traffic, endpoints, and other network assets

Subscriber data including PII being targeted by trans-national hackers

Rising malware and attack tactic sophistication

Revenue disruption due to cyberattacks

Loss of infrastructure components and capital investments

Telcos present a complex architectural and infrastructural landscape to secure. From distributed and cloud RAN, Edge and Cloud Core, enterprise and subscriber devices, gateways, hubs, set-top boxes, multi capacity routers, switches, base transceiver stations, femtocells, and 5G edge gateways, there is significant diversity and complexity that telcos are staring at when it comes to cybersecurity.

Since telcos are communication enablers, their infrastructure can easily be tagged as critical infrastructure. This is also the reason why telcos get attacked often as they are on the radar of hacker groups, APT groups and clusters, malicious actors, and malware developers. Telcos can be targeted in two ways. Their infrastructure can be used to launch large-scale attacks on third parties. Or telcos and their infrastructure could themselves be targeted.

The rapid expansion of threat surfaces and digital infrastructure associated with telcos has led to a sudden and rapid increase in the number of threat vectors that are growing in complexity, scale, and sophistication.

Outcomes associated with cyberattacks on telco infrastructure

Damage to capital-intensive equipment.
Loss of revenue due to traffic manipulation.

Large scale outages due to network disruption.

Conversion of IoT equipment into bots.

Fines from regulators and subscriber attrition.

Subscriber data theft, large-scale propagation of malware

Sectrio for telecom

For securing telcos, Sectrio offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity products uniquely designed to secure telco networks assets at a critical infrastructure level. Our products can be easily integrated with an existing telco cybersecurity program.

Sectrio’s offerings for telco cybersecurity include:

These offerings can secure telcos and their infrastructure from all types of cyberattacks.

Securing telcos with Sectrio

Reduce risk exposure, meet compliance mandates .

Manage security needs at all infrastructure levels.

Protect critical assets and infrastructure.

Identify vulnerabilities, detect and contain threats.

Discover assets and network activity.

Tried, tested and proven

Sectrio is a proven suite of cybersecurity products. Today we are securing some of the most hard-to-secure infrastructures globally. We also run the largest threat intelligence gathering infrastructure in the world spread across over 70 cities.

Build network resilience, strengthen cybersecurity and protect digital assets with Sectrio.

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