Sectrio Hub

Detect threats and manage network risks with ease on a single platform.

Sectrio hub - sectrio

Sectrio Hub is the focal point for the Edgetech Appliance(s) and Remote Collectors and presents the user interface for Sectrio’s offerings. It connects to the Sectrio Update Center to gather the latest threat intelligence updates. Sectrio modules Vulnerability Management, Threat Management and Micro- segmentation are activated in Sectrio Hub. All custom interfaces between Sectrio’s products and other systems including SIEMs, SOARs, email management systems are managed through the Hub.

Sectrio Hub uses metadata from the Edgetech to perform AI-ML detection using our proprietary anomaly engine to detect threats.

Sectrio Hub is available in multiple form factors; installable, containerized, virtual machines, hardware, and hosted versions. Hosted cloud versions are also available. The Hub is also supported on most public cloud providers as images that can be spun up as a form factor that the customer chooses and is compatible with their cloud deployment.

Sectrio Hub has no dependency on any cloud-native technology and can be run on any public cloud environment. All images of Hubs are hardened by default.


Group 20929 - sectrio
Self-configurable dashboards
Group 20929 - sectrio
Threat management using Mitre and Att&ck framework for Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
Group 20929 - sectrio
Available as physical, virtual, and containerized instances
Group 20929 - sectrio
Deployable on-premise
Group 20929 - sectrio
Offers comprehensive compliance reports
Group 20929 - sectrio
Device discovery and network topology
Group 20929 - sectrio
Cloud instances available in various geographies
Group 20929 - sectrio

Comes with integrated IoT and OT playbooks

Do more with Sectrio Hub

Improving ability to respond to threats - sectrio

Detect and mitigate threats early.

Gain a single view of all threat alerts - sectrio

Gain a single view of all threat alerts and data.

Activate all sectrio modules from - sectrio

Activate all Sectrio modules from one platform

Get the latest threat updates - sectrio

Get the latest threat updates

Manage all cross system interfaces - sectrio

Manage all cross-system interfaces

Build resilience and keep threats at bay

Protect your IoT, OT and converged assets with Sectrio.