Sectrio Edgetech

Discover assets, hunt for threats, and identify critical security gaps.

The Sectrio Edgetech Appliance (“Edgetech”) acts as a data collector that captures and securely sends relevant network data back to the Hub to be analyzed and viewed. This appliance is to be deployed in network segments that need to be discovered and monitored. Each Edgetech appliance is typically deployed on a network switch via a span port.

Key functionalities

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One appliance to ingest your IT-OT and IoT Infrastructure.
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System supports active/inline or passive/offline mode of deployments providing quick detection and mitigation options

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Protocol aware and is capable of applying various IoT and OT protocols
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Multiple sizes are available based on network traffic
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1:1000 traffic compression between the Hub and each Edgetech ensures low network utilization

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Custom deep packet inspection-based engines that effectively detect threats across the spectrum
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Seamless deployment supporting one-to-one and many to one relationships with Sectrio Hub (Central Console)
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Over 50000+ IoT and OT signatures (AI-ML models are supported on the Sectrio hub)
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Available in physical, virtual, and containerized form factors

Do more with Sectrio Edgetech

Asset discovery - sectrio

Asset Discovery

The Vulnerability Management module within the Edgetech appliance can discover devices within the network by examining unique device signatures.

Smart probing - sectrio

Smart Probing

It can perform Smart Probing activities that intelligently and continuously look for security weaknesses and gaps.

Threat hunting - sectrio

Threat Hunting

Edgetech appliances perform active threat hunting within the deployed network. The Edgetech uses Sectrio’s proprietary deep packet inspection technology coupled with protocol decoders to apply unique signatures and heuristics on packet headers and payloads.

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The Edgetech appliance can also act as a Network Access Controller (NAC) to perform network micro-segmentation. The micro-segmentation is configured within the Hub and this policy is pushed out to applicable Edgtechs deployed within the network.

Smart workflows - sectrio

Smart Workflows

Within the Edgetech appliance, smart workflow actions can be setup and configured. These actions include automated responses for remediation and data collection that can be used as part of an automated workflows.

Build resilience and keep threats at bay

Protect your IoT, OT and converged assets with Sectrio.