Weekly threat monitor: October 25th

Hackers are stepping up attacks on global public safety and service infrastructure. This includes CCTV cameras, water and gas supply infrastructure, wastewater treatment facilities, and sensor systems connected with monitoring weather.    

Attacks on critical infrastructure linked to public services is a cause of worry. Critical infrastructure operators who are running operations with limited visibility into their OT and IoT assets and networks, run the risk of a major cyberattack disrupting their operations. Specifically, water treatment plants and power transmission infrastructure are at risk in this category as we have seen a significant spike in reconnaissance attacks on these facilities in the last few weeks. 

According to Sectrio’s Threat Intelligence and Research Team, rising attacks on oil and gas facilities continue to be a source of concern. Attacks on the oil and gas sector registered a new high on October 21. Our global honeypot network has logged a remarkable increase in the volume and sophistication of these attacks most of which were targeting oil and gas infrastructure in North America, the Middle East, and Europe. 

Among other sectors, attacks on healthcare, manufacturing, and shipping held steady last week. It could be inferred that hackers are converging their attacks on the oil and gas sector.   

As we approach the end of the year, we expect the release of new malware variants.   


Weekly advisory 

Entities belonging to these segments should be on their guard in the coming week:  

  • Oil and gas 
  • Manufacturing  
  • Healthcare 
  • Utility entities  
  • Government websites and agencies – especially lawmakers and government agencies connected with internal/homeland security    
  • Manufacturing plants and maritime agencies  
  • Financial services   

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