Weekly threat monitor – August 24th

Hit and run tactics deployed by hackers in the early part of this year has yielded rich dividends for hackers and cybercrime groups. Data stolen from a variety of industries continue to appear on the Dark Web and various forums. Such attacks primed to steal data by luring victims to click on links or to download infected attachments continue to provide data and monetary incentives for hackers to exploit.

The emergence of a new cluster of botnets in Eastern Europe last week is a cause for concern. This cluster could amplify the attacks taking place on various industries globally while increasing the chances of a successful breach.  Overall, the threat environment globally hasn’t shown any signs of improving as the volume and quality of cyberattacks continue to improve.

Weekly advisory

Entities belonging to these segments should be on their guard in the coming week:

  • Smart cities
  • Healthcare
  • Airports
  • Power grids
  • Government websites and agencies – especially lawmakers and government agencies connected with internal/homeland security
  • Manufacturing plants and maritime agencies
  • Defense establishments
  • Utility entities
  • Financial services

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