Weekly threat monitor: April 4th, 2022

Cyberattacks continue more so than ever. In the United States, while all the focus continues on the ongoing geopolitical conflict, the increasing pace of targeted cyberattacks makes on the energy sector ramps up sophistication and magnitude.

Other countries with no affiliation to the conflict have now increased their focus on targeting electrical grids in the southern part of the united states, adding pressure on the SecOps teams. Most organizations that once conducted monthly vulnerability scans are picking up the pace as monitored traffic reveals similarities in the suspicious incoming IP address.

The hackers have also expanded their scope of targets, including IoT-enabled devices such as UPS systems. This trend is likely to be picked up soon by the rest of the threat actors.

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In the middle east, the threat to Oil and Gas storage and refineries is at the highest they have ever been. ICS, SCADA, and OT equipment are to look out and strictly secure on the cyber front. An IoT and OT security vendor with the right threat intelligence can provide ample visibility into your network and the cyber threat landscape to quickly adapt to any forthcoming shifts in cyberspace.

In the APAC region, threats on manufacturing, oil and gas, and utilities are at an all-time high and often don’t make headlines as lax cyber incident reporting systems still exist. However, compliance regulations are due in light of recent events in cyberspace. We urge all to stay vigilant and conduct thorough and regular scans of your connected environment for any anomalous behaviors in the functions of your devices. It is also vital to maintain to ensure that your SOC teams and SecOps teams are not fatigued early on.

Weekly advisory

Segments under this list must be on high alert in the coming weeks:
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Water and wastewater treatment facilities
  • Supply chains
  • Energy Sector
  • Oil and gas
  • Utility entities
  • Maritime agencies
  • Healthcare
  • Government Agencies

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