Why don’t IT security tools cover your converged networks?

Audio Transcript

A lot of folks have and we’ve seen over the past years that it tools have been out there for 15 20 years and they’ve continuously evolved and developed but the rit security tools typically aren’t going to help you are not best coveraged are not best designed to cover your ot and iot networks and here’s a quick breakdown of why the next slide will explain just a little bit more as well so we’ve all seen that that triangle picture of the the CIA trad that talks about confidentiality integrity and availability on the it side of the house the priority is keeping that data confidential keeping it protected as well as then making sure the priority list goes in down order confidentiality is number one the integrity of that data is number two and the availability to have that that data available to you is number three the third most important thing when you start to look to the ot environment that actually flip-flops integrity still be in the middle but the availability having mission having actually the system itself especially the water wastewater side having the the system be 24/7 accessible having the availability to always be there and be able to be used is number one priority integrity still comes at number two and then confidentiality keeping that data protected it comes in a number three and then you actually see on the iot side of the house the integrity so iot side being more um sensors what have you that’s actually just reporting data back and you need to have of course if it’s data that’s coming back in you need to make sure that data is in fact valid and accurate so you see integrity being number one availability and confidentiality so it’s pretty much turns itself on its head and reverse the roles.

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